"A Continuing Work of God's Hands"


Sunday, June 26

9:00a      Chapel Class  

9:00a      Hospitality

10:00a    Worship

11:30a     Brunch Bunch – Lakeside Café

5:00p     “Working” rehearsal


Chapel Class: Join us each Sunday morning at 9:00 am

Sunday, June 26: “Praying with Beads: Meditations and Mantras, How and Why.” Who makes rosaries? What is their history and purpose? How many did Charlie Belch make while he was growing up as a Roman Catholic in the seminary? What is the difference between prayer and meditation?  Charlie will review the prayer-book he edited and published; 10,000 copies in print.

Sunday, July 3:  Walking the Labyrinth is an age-old way to focus and pray.  You'll have the opportunity to use Plymouth's during this self-lead time of quiet reflection; Laura Filler, leader.

Sunday, July 10: We will learn and share some ways to continue to incorporate prayer into our daily lives; Laura Filler, leader. 


PJs Collecting for Streetreach for the Homeless

Plymouth’s Peace & Justice Committee is collecting mosquito repellant and sunscreen for the organization Streetreach for the Homeless. A box is in the Folsom Room for these items which will help those who are trying to survive on the streets this summer.

Sally Becker Segerson is CEO and founder of Street Reach for the Homeless, which began in 2011 as a means to serve the homeless of Fort Wayne. This includes serving meals every Monday and Thursday nights, no matter the weather, as well as distributing clothing, hygiene items, blankets, sleeping bags, tents and tarps, with an open heart and listening ear.  No questions asked. Sally has also established various drop off sites for donations of items as well as funds, but always cooks and delivers the meals alone, allowing those receiving the food to be a part of the process. Sally has attended every City Council meeting for the last 18 months, tirelessly advocating for the homeless and recently won a small victory when they were given a 2 day notice of eviction from their camp sites.  Not only did Sally work endless hours to help move those who make their homes under bridges, on benches, in tents, or under stairwells, she spent many more hours washing and drying wet clothing, blankets and tarps, to return to the streets. Sally has been featured by various news outlets through the last few years as a “voice for the homeless” and makes it a point to personally keep track of those people she gets to know, hoping that she can “keep them alive long enough to encourage them to make a different choice.”

The Peace & Justice Committee is looking at ways to partner with Sally as a church located downtown where the homeless often reside.  Plymouth is very active in helping the homeless through Just Neighbors, Vincent Village, and others, but we would like to raise our awareness of this “subset” of homeless individuals who call the streets their home, while honoring their humanity and recognizing that they are all children of God. 

Jan Evrard, Chair of Peace & Justice Committee


Wellspring’s Free  7-Week Summer Day Camp Is Underway!!

If you’re looking for a way to help out this program, please donate individual snacks for the kids. With over 300 kids per day, that is A LOT of snacks. Help us collect 5,000 more to get us to the finish line! Donations can be dropped off at the church office. Thank you!


Where Will You Worship This Summer? 

Where will you find God in the midst of summer adventures and relaxation?  Send a postcard to our church office, or snap a picture to show us via e-mail or Facebook, and we'll make sure it gets posted on the map bulletin board outside of the nursery.  You are missed when you aren't at Plymouth, but we are thankful that God Is Still Speaking beyond our walls!


Plymouth Music Series Summer Arts Festival: July 8 – 17, 2016

All concerts are free and open to the public; freewill offerings will be gratefully accepted.

"Working," the musical: Friday & Saturday, July 8 & 9 @ 7:00 p.m. & Sunday, July 10 @ 2:00 p.m.

For descriptions of all the Summer Music Series concerts, click on the Music tab on the menu and then on Plymouth Music Series.


Get Ready For Rock The Block!

Congregational Life Board invites you to the 14th Annual Three Rivers Festival Fireworks Finale and "Rock the Block" Saturday, July 16 in the south parking lot. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy a great night of food, fun and fellowship.

6:00 pm: Grilled hot dogs, Jim Conner special chili dogs, chips, sodas and cookies go on sale.

7:00 pm: Life music by Endgame with John Escosa, Tom Gibson, Neil Federspiel, Mark Lenz.

10:00 pm: TRF Fireworks Finale!


Fort Wayne Pride 2016: Saturday, July 23

11:15 am: Pride March begins in front of Headwaters Park with route extending through downtown. All ages welcome. Free and open to all Pride supporters; no registration necessary.

Noon - Midnight: Pride Festival at Headwaters Park. Cost is $5.00; 12-and-under FREE. Plymouth will have a booth and volunteers are needed. Please use the signup sheet on the bulletin board outside the office.


Reminder About Your Contribution Checks

Our bank, PNC, will no longer split the amount of a check into two deposits into our two separate checking accounts. If you write checks to Plymouth, it is important that you write a separate check for each purpose. For example, if you wish to contribute to your operating pledge and also to your capital campaign pledge, you will need two checks, each with a note in the memo line indicating where your contribution should go. This will ensure that you are contributing to the fund that you intend to support. Your patience and your attention to this accounting detail is greatly appreciated!



Plymouth Congregational Church is a FORT 4 FITNESS Charity Partner for the 2016 FALL FESTIVAL on September 30 – October 1.  If you have participated in FORT 4 FITNESS in past years, please join us this year under the Plymouth Charity Partner Banner.  If you have not participated in the FORT 4 FITNESS FALL FESTIVAL before, we encourage you to give it a try – it is a fantastic experience. FORT 4 FITNESS is a series of events held between September 30 and October 1.


Children ages 4-14 participate over the summer leading up to the final mile run/walk on Friday evening, September 30 at Parkview.  Cost is $10 if you register before August 16, and $15 from August 17 to September 2.


Anyone 50 years or older is invited to participate in this summer-long, incremental walking/running program, including three walking tours in July, August and September leading up to the final mile run/walk on Friday evening, September 30 at Parkview Field.  Cost is $10 if you register before August 16, and $15 from August 17 to September 2.


Serious runners – beginning runners – walkers, there is something for everyone on Saturday morning, October 1.  This is a great way for a family or group of friends to participate together, at whatever level of exercising desired.  Prepare for your event over the summer at your own pace and then join @10,000 Fort Wayner’s on Saturday morning for your main event held at Parkview Field.  Cost depends on the event you select.


REGISTER AT www.Fort4Fitness.org or call Fort4Fitness at 260-760-3371.  Be sure to select Plymouth Congregational Church as your Charity Partner via a drop down box on electronic registrations or mention Plymouth Church if you call to register.  Extended family or friends who decide to participate with you can also choose Plymouth as their Charity Partner.  When 100 individuals have been registered (for any of the above events) under the Plymouth Charity Partner banner, Plymouth will receive back from Fort 4 Fitness a percentage of those participants’ total registration fees.

If you have questions please contact Steve Hollingsworth: stevbeck@frontier.com or (260)-747-5105.


Foods Resource Bank and Global Mission Continue

For the past 11 years, Plymouth Church has joined with Salem-Magley UCC to support the goal of Foods Resource Bank (FRB).  The FRB mission is to assist people in developing nations grow their own food. Our involvement in this program was initiated by Doug and Gale Cunningham and has been continually supported by you, our Plymouth friends.  Your generosity in giving to FRB has directly improved the lives of thousands of people, moving them from subsistence to surplus agriculture. 

Founded in 1999, the FRB organization has positively and dramatically impacted over one million people.  FRB’s success has been achieved by focusing on the objectives: long term food security, serving people where they live, and working in tandem to organize and identify local needs/priorities, and assets. This approach has been highly successful and has yielded such life-changing projects as building water storage facilities, development of new improved seeds and crops,  as well as improved farming techniques and animal husbandry efforts. FRB also grants micro-loans to fund improvement and start-up projects at the local level. FRB provides partnerships and resources to help the people help themselves, resulting in a dramatic improvement in communities and lives often mired in poverty.

What is to come as Plymouth and Salem UCC enter our 12th year of supporting Foods Resource and this important global mission?  We, the FRB committee want to continue to share stories and highlights from countries and communities where FRB has made a difference in the lives of our brother and sisters. We hope you will continue the caring and giving of the past 11 years ($131,079), that has made FRB the successful Plymouth mission that it has become.         

We would ask that you prayerfully consider a contribution to continue what has become this very real “global mission” at Plymouth.  Complete the form below and place it in the collection plate or deliver it to the church office.  Any amount, any contribution is appreciated and can help sustain a family for a lifetime and community for generations to come.


Foods Resource Bank—2016

I would like to contribute: (please check below)

 ____1 bushel of CORN seeds - $200.00        ____ ½ bushel CORN seeds - $100.00

 ____¼ bushel of CORN seeds - $50.00        ____ other amount = $_______


Address __________________________________________________

Phone ________________________Email _______________________


Prayers For Peace--A Primer

Rev. John P. Gardner, Editor

Copies of this booklet are available in the church office for a suggested donation of $8 each (proceeds to offset printing cost).


Plymouth Under Construction

  1. If you have respiratory or allergy issues, please be alerted that you may want to stay out of the office building for the time being.
  2. This summer, the temperature inside may be warmer than usual at times in certain locations due to renovations to the air conditioning systems.
  3. Some days we will not have hot water in the building, and/or some restrooms may be closed.  Some other areas also will have limited or no access for a period of time.
  4. Extra workers are in the building throughout the project, along with tools, ladders, supplies, noise, dust, dirt, and odors.
  5. When scheduling events at Plymouth, please remember that, during the construction process, staff cannot guarantee the future condition of any room.
  6. The construction process is expected to be completed in early-to-mid October. 

A construction schedule is posted on the bulletin board outside the main office to give everyone an idea of what is happening and when.  Schedules may have to be modified and changed at times during a project such as this, so it may not be always be 100% accurate.  Please check with the church office if you have a meeting or activity scheduled to see if your reserved location will be affected by the construction.  You may possibly need to make alternative arrangements. Your patience and understanding for the minor inconveniences we will all experience during the duration of the project is something we are all counting on.  The end result will be a much more efficient and comfortable building for everyone.