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Sunday, March 26

            4th Sunday of Lent

            One Great Hour of Sharing

8:00a   Chapel Communion

8:30a   Hospitality

9:00a   Sanctuary Singers

9:00a   Christian Education

10:00a Worship

11:30a Youth Group


Adult Sunday School Sunday, March 26: Hands-on Prayer Lab

Prayer is a vital and intimate part of Christian Life.  Join this class in the Amistad Room at 9:00am for an informal discussion about introducing prayer into our busy lives.  Participants will have the opportunity to decorate and personalize their own prayer candles, create prayer beads or flags, as well as take home a variety of ideas they can use at home.

One Great Hour of Sharing, Sunday, March 26

Each year Plymouth joins other UCC churches in One Great Hour of Sharing,, a special mission offering to help people in crisis. The UCC responds to needs in 138 countries, and provides disaster relief and immigration assistance in the US. On average, 95cents of every dollar is used directly for mission programming, and the remainder is used to create materials that explain the mission work.  Plymouth will receive this special offering on March 26.Please give as generously as your spirit leads you.

Book Study Continues, Wednesdays, March 29, April 5, 19, 6:45 to 7:30 pm

Join Ministerial Intern Allie Meriwether Brown, who is leading a book study on The Comforting Whirlwind by Bill McKibben. Through the book of Job and his own background as an environmentalist and writer, McKibben combines biblical wisdom and modern science to show that, in this time of environmental crisis, humans must figure out the "proper relationship between people, the earth, and God." This study will focus on Plymouth's Earth-wise commitment, and will ask participants to reflect on our personal and corporate call to care for Creation.   All are welcome.  Please access the book in the format you prefer.  

Order Your Easter Flowers TODAY!

Easter is April 16, so it’s time to order Easter flowers! You have your choice of Easter lilies or daffodils—OR  feel free to order both!  The cost for the lilies is $10.00. Daffodils are $8.00.  The deadline is Sunday, April 2. 

Name ____________________________________

In Memory of  ______________________________

In Honor of  _______________________________

__ Lilies @ $10/ea.   __Daffodils @ $8/ea.  Amount Enclosed $_______

Please make your check payable to PLYMOUTH CHURCH.                                                                                                                                                                                          On the memo line, please mark EASTER FLOWERS. Thank you!


Amazing Grays: Palm Sunday, April 9

THE AMAZING GRAYS WILL BE FEATURING OUR OWN MICHAEL SPATH, DIRECTOR, Indiana Center for Middle East Peace, exploring the exciting topic of "ECO-THEOLOGY ~ Reflections of the Cosmic Christ and the Body of God," on Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017. Lunch will be served. Reservations are needed by April 7!

April 15 Scholarship Deadline

The Richard C. Hess Peace Studies Scholarship will award a $1,000 tuition and fees scholarship for a college student majoring in peace studies or a related program. Completed applications with all supporting materials must be received in the church office by April 15. Incomplete applications are ineligible for consideration. To request application packets, call the church office, at  423-9424.

Women’s Retreat, Saturday, April 22, 2017, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Epworth Forest Conference Center, Lake Webster 

“Come Away for a Day to Listen to Your Soul & Replenish Your Spirit”

Join the Journey ~ Women of Plymouth and your friends are invited for this day of listening to our souls and replenishing our spirits.  This retreat will provide ample personal time for reflecting, walking, sitting, moving, breathing.  The day will be fluid in design and nature ~ brief interludes of listening, longer periods of self directed activity.  Ingredients of the day are the following: 

* Touchpoints of singing & worshipping

 ~ Rev. Ruth E. Phillips                                  ~ Allie Meriwether Brown

*Meeting new people

 ~ Lucy Hess                

*Spiritual Treasure Hunt

 ~ Joyce Black


 ~ Jan Evrard               


 ~ Christine Leggett    

*Dance Movement

 ~ Carol Jackson

*Prayerful Coloring

 ~ whenever you choose


Snacks and lunch provided by Epworth Center.

Registration with full payment of $20 is due by Wednesday, April 12.

Scholarship assistance available (contact Rev. Ruth E. Phillips:

Carpooling is encouraged and will be facilitated by Sandy Moliere.

Looking forward to your being with us!

Women’s Retreat Planning Team:  Joyce Black, Allie Meriwether Brown, Lucy Hess, Sandy Moliere, Nada O’Neal, Rev. Ruth E. Phillips

2017 Women’s Retreat Registration

Name ___________________________________________

Address _________________________________________

Zip ___________                      Phone ____________________

__ I will provide my own transportation      

__ I can drive and take   ____ passengers.  

__ I need a ride (Sandy Moliere will contact you)

___ $20 full registration paid with ___ cash or ___ check # ________

___Scholarship assistance requested

 Please send payment with this registration form to the church office,

with “Women’s Retreat” marked on the envelope and on the memo line of check.


ONA 16th Anniversary Workshops

Saturday, May 6, 2017, 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

 Registration: $5.00 Per Person

Leader:  Diana Bauer has practiced law in Fort Wayne since 1987 and formed her own law firm in 2015, Bauer Legal LLC. She represents a wide variety of clients in litigation and appellate matters. 

Workshop:  Legal issues for the LGBTQ community.  Diana will provide insight and guidance on legal issues of interest to the LGBTQ community.  Her discussion will include estate planning issues, health care concerns, and retirement benefits.


Leader: Thad Gerardot, LGBTQ advocate, organized for Freedom Indiana, ran for State Representative and serves on the board for Q Consulting and Education a local organization that provides LGBTQ diversity and inclusion training.

Workshop: History of LGBTQ Movement in Politics, Nationally and in Indiana. Thad will share his involvement organizing and running for office.  Discuss how you can get involved by persuading elected officials and joining organizations that support LGBTQ inclusive policies.


Leaders: Erica & Dawn Mays are Co-Editors-in-Chief of the website, Erica is “webmistress” Transgender, and also the Technical Consultant at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Angola, Indiana, a musician, and a professional Digital Artist. Dawn is a singer and a former patient Case Manager with an Associate’s Degree in Social Work.

Workshop: Transgenderism & Family Life. Erica and Dawn will share their experiences and advice in dealing with the unique challenges of coming together in a non-stereotypical family, with an emphasis on transgender family members, raising LGBTQ-positive children, and the societal implications of living outside of the mainstream.


Leader: Kris Posthuma has over a decade of experience with facilitation and LGBTQ-centered work. He is currently the manager of curricula development at Indiana Youth Group. Prior to his time with IYG, he worked for Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Northern Kentucky (then just Planned Parenthood of Indiana) as a sexual health educator and resource coordinator and taught an intro to human sexuality course at Indiana University. 

Workshop: Indiana Youth Group, and Thrive: Dare to be Powerful, suicide prevention.


ONA Film: Fish Out of Water

 May 6, Following Workshops

Coming out of the closet can be challenging. For Ky Dickens, the experience of coming out to friends at Vanderbilt University led to the making of Fish Out of Water, a spirited documentary that explores the seven Bible passages notoriously used to condemn homosexuality and justify marriage discrimination. 

This genre-bending, intellectually condensed, power-packed analysis of the homophobic religious arguments is a mixture of animation, LGBTQ community interviews​,​ and expert analysis from theologians across the country.

Rev. John C. Dorhauer, General Minister and President, United Church of Christ, states, “We, the church and its leaders at all levels, need this film.”


ONA Celebration Party

Saturday, May 6, 7:00 - 10:00 pm

 At Calhoun Street

Soups, Salad & Spirits (CS3)

 Bring your friends and family to enjoy music, dancing, and light snacks.



ONA Anniversary Events Registration for May 6, 2017

Name ________________________________  

Phone ________________________________

Email ________________________________

__ Workshops Only ($5.00)    __ Celebration Party Only ($5.00)   

__ Both Events ($8.00)

Payment Amount Total ______  cash ___ or check# ____


 "Lisa’s Legacy Bags" Can Bring Comfort in Variety of Circumstances

"Lisa’s Legacy Bags" can be used to bring comfort and cheer to those who are struggling with any difficult situation in their lives, including the death of a loved-one. Filled with thoughtfully-chosen items by the Filler family, a bag can be given to a friend who is facing a divorce, a devastating medical diagnosis, job loss, depression, loneliness, or many other situations, and help initiate compassionate conversation. Please feel encouraged to reach out to others with the Lisa’s Legacy Bags in whatever way that you would like.  Just contact John Gardner, Ruth Phillips, or Carole Green to get a bag.

How to Donate ONLINE to Plymouth Congregational Church

Just go to the Plymouth page at  Use this convenient and confidential link to support Plymouth Church’s mission! Your generosity helps advance the local and global outreach of Plymouth benevolence.  



All groups requesting to use a room in the Plymouth building MUST complete either a "One-Time Event" building use form, or a "Repeating Event" building use form BEFORE the date can be held on the church calendar AND the use of the requested room confirmed. (For a copy of the form needed, click on it above). Please remember that we cannot guarantee the condition of any room in the building until the construction is finished.

A returnable damage deposit of $125 also should be submitted with the form, and a custodial fee ($75 for outside groups/$50 for inside groups) also should be paid, when applicable. 

For a hard copy of the Building Use Policies, Room Fee Schedule, and/or Ceremony Fee Schedule, please call the office at (260) 423-9424.