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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Neighbors In Need Offering

World Communion

8:00a    Chapel Communion

8:30a    Hospitality

9:00a    Sanc. Singers

9:00a    Christian Education

10:00a   Worship & Communion

11:30a    Youth Group

3:00p    Blessing of the Animals

3:30p    Carriage Rides 

2:00p    Music series concert



Prayers For Peace--A Primer: Rev. John P. Gardner, Editor

Copies of this booklet are available in the church office for a suggested donation of $8 each (proceeds to offset printing cost).



Chapel Classes: "Spiral Dynamics"

October 2 & 9, 9:00 am -- Dr. Bill Argus: Where are we on the Spiral? Is biological evolution the only type of evolution? Do other things evolve, including culture and faith? “Spiral Dynamics” theory suggests that culture and faith do evolve over time in response to changing life conditions. What we value, and how we make meaning in our lives, have changed over the millennia. Come and see how this developmental theory plays out in your personal faith, in churches, and even in politics.


Neighbors In Need Offering October 2


Neighbors In Need is the United Church of Christ’s annual offering to support ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States. Two-thirds of the offering is used by the UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries to fund a wide array of local and national justice initiatives, advocacy efforts and direct service projects. One-third of the offering supports the UCC’s Council for American Indian Ministries.  Members and friends of Plymouth are invited and encouraged to participate in the offering today,




Blessing Of The Animals, October 2, 3:00 pm; Carriage Rides, 3:30 pm


All pets are welcome to accompany their humans for the Blessing of the Animals, today, 3:00 pm, in Shedd Park at the porte  cochere on the west side of Plymouth Church. Weather permitting, we will gather to “talk to the animals” and express joy to God for “all creatures great and small.” Animals must be properly safeguarded on leash or in carrier. Each pet is eligible for a certificate blessing card. If your pet is not able to accompany you, bring a photo and we’ll bless by proxy. Light refreshments will be served for the humans. Carriage rides (originally scheduled for earlier in the season) begin at 3:30 pm.




Amazing Grays Meeting: October 9

The Amazing Grays will be hosting William Argus, M.D., presenting a very timely topic, “Morality by the Numbers,” Sunday, October 911:30 amThis program will follow a lunch served immediately after the 10:00 am Worship. Reservations are necessary either by using the signup sheet outside the church office, or calling the church office (423-9424) by October 7. Cost of luncheon: $7.00.  


Wednesday Night Live Requires Advance Signup

Signup In Advance Is Required by the deadline of Sunday noon for the WNL dinner that week. Dinner is served from 5:45 to 6:30 pm, in the Folsom Room. A vegetarian option is available, and kids’ meals are offered for the children. Everyone is welcome! YOU MUST SIGN UP in advance. 

October 2016 Wednesday Night Live Dinner Menus

October 5

October 12

October 19

Mixed Greens Salad

Beef Stew with Vegetables or Vegetable Stew (vegan)

Creamy Potatoes (veg)

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Country Apple Dumplings

Kids Korner:  Beef Skewers with Dipping Sauce


Cucumber Salad

Tomato Chickpea Curry (Vegan)

Garlic and Ginger Spinach

Steamed Rice

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Lemon Sorbet with Coconut Cookies

Kids Korner:  Pizza on a Stick


Orange, Jicama and Lettuce Salad

Green Chicken Enchilada Casserole or Cuban Black Beans and Rice (vegan)

Calabacitas (yellow squash & zucchini)

Mexican Rice

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Coconut Flan

Kids Korner:  Chicken Taquitos





Nominations For Benevolence Grants

 The Plymouth Benevolence Committee will be distributing applications for Benevolence Grants in early November.  If you know of a nonprofit organization that you would like to see receive an application, please complete the nomination form found on the bulletin board outside the office.  You can also see a list of organizations that have been previously funded.  The Benevolence Committee will review and upon approval, forward an application to the organizations for further consideration. Please remember that our need always exceeds our resources and application is not a guarantee of funds. Please return completed forms to the Benevolence mail box in the office by Sunday, October 9.



FRB "Corn" Bags are Back and Harvest Dinner is Sunday, October 16, 11:30 am, at Salem-Magley


Find that spare change in your seat cushions, piggy banks, dresser drawers, and car consoles so we may further help our brothers and sisters in need in Uganda-Teso and the Dominican Republic- Bateyes.  The “corn” bag collections will run through Sunday, October 9. It is also time to make dinner reservations for the Harvest Celebration Dinner at Salem-Magley, October 16, following the 10:30 am worship service there. Please use the signup sheet next to the Corn Meter on the bulletin board no later than SundayOctober 9. Thanks for your continued support for this Global Mission effort!                  The FRB Task Force:  Gale Cunningham, Laura Rudolph, Carol Patterson, and Peg and Rick Schilb



Foods Resource Bank—2016


I would like to contribute: (please check below)


 ____1 bushel of CORN seeds - $200.00        ____ ½ bushel CORN seeds - $100.00


 ____¼ bushel of CORN seeds - $50.00        ____ other amount = $_______




Address __________________________________________________


Phone ________________________Email _______________________






Compassion Focus and Action — Two Groups With Rev. Ruth E. Phillips: Wednesdays and Thursdays

Living a compassionate life is more than attitude and gratitude. Moving out of the realm of feeling and thinking compassion, we are challenged to delve into compassionate acts that are tangible, centered in real life and relationships.

Drawing on the work of Karen Armstrong’s “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life,” and John Philip Newell’s, “The Rebirthing of God,” we will together find ways to express our compassion as individuals and as a group. Bring your sense of adventure, your courage and creativity, your moral compass, and together we will explore new paths on the journey to more compassionate living. Choose the day and time that works better for you: 

· Wednesdays, 6:45 to 7:30 pm, through November 16

· Thursdays, 1:00 to 1:45 pm, thorugh November 17


Share Your Shopping and Talent with Children from Bloomingdale School

The Peace and Justice Committee are asking Plymouth members and friends to provide (Clorox) Disinfectant Wipes, Hand Sanitizer and Tissues (any size) for the students who attend our partner "Rising Stars School," Bloomingdale Elementary. Please put your items in the large bin marked for Bloomingdale in the Folsom room. We will be collecting these items until the end of September.

Also, teachers at Bloomingdale, are seeking listeners for reading aloud to children K-2.  If you are interested in doing this one on one with a small child, please contact Lucy Hess for more information, lrh22@frontier.com or 484-4430.


Study Connection Needs Volunteers For This Fall

Tutors and substitutes are needed for Plymouth's continuing service to Study Connection. If you are interested in either being a full time tutor, sharing a child, or being a sub for children ages 5-12, please contact Lucy Hess at lrh22@frontier.com or 484-44340.  We meet the children on Wednesday afternoon from approximately 2:45-4:05 pm. In early August, once we are assigned a school for this coming year, we will know where to meet the children. An application form is accessible at the Study Connection site, if you are interested in joining the tutors this year, at: studyconnection@fwcs.k12.in.us. We look forward to having new folks join us!


Bike Tour For Renewable Energy: Fort Wayne" Saturday, October 8

Love biking? Want to learn about renewable energy in your city? Looking for a fun and relaxed fall bike tour? Learn about the big opportunities to expand solar energy, wind energy, and energy efficiency right here in Fort Wayne! Join us as we bike beyond coal to clean energy. The 8-mile bike tour will explore local renewable energy projects, and highlight the potential we have for a clean energy future. Local renewable energy leaders, sustainability advocates, and others will be among the riders, so you'll have a chance to see solar, wind, geothermal and more up close. We're hosting two tours, one in Muncie and one in Fort Wayne. Here are the details: 

1)Muncie: Join the Sierra Club, Downtown Muncie, Bike Muncie, Cardinal Greenways, Kirk's Bike Shop, and friends, Sunday, October 2 from 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm for a relaxed bike ride beyond coal to clean energy locations in your community! Muncie: Register today to take a bike tour of clean energy in your community. 

2) Fort Wayne: Join the Sierra Club, Bicycle Friendly Fort Wayne and friends on Saturday, October 8 from 3:00 - 6:00 pm as we bike beyond coal to clean energy locations in your community! Meeting location TBA. These rides are part of our journey to move our communities away from coal toward more clean, local renewable energy and to embrace sustainability. Bike advocacy organizations will provide support charting safe travel routes through your city. This event is free to attend, advance registration appreciated.

NOTES: Helmet and bike required. Non-bikers are encouraged to carpool from the first meeting location. Don't have a bike? Bike rental in Muncie is available at Outdoor Pursuits. Bike rental in Fort Wayne available with the Bike Share program. Please plan in advance if you need to rent a bike, you can find more information about what you need to do to rent a bike at the websites linked above and on the Facebook events.  For questions about bike rental, please contact Megan Anderson, at megan.anderson@sierraclub.org , or 317-222-1146.  


"Lisa’s Legacy Bags" Can Bring Comfort in Variety of Circumstances

"Lisa’s Legacy Bags" can be used to bring comfort and cheer to those who are struggling with any difficult situation in their lives, including the death of a loved-one. Filled with thoughtfully-chosen items by the Filler family, a bag can be given to a friend who is facing a divorce, a devastating medical diagnosis, job loss, depression, loneliness, or many other situations, and help initiate compassionate conversation. Please feel encouraged to reach out to others with the Lisa’s Legacy Bags in whatever way that you would like.  Just contact John Gardner, Ruth Phillips, or Carole Green to get a bag.


Faith Formation Workshop featuring speaker Jim Merhaut

Saturday, October 15, 2016, 9:00 am. to 3:00 pm, at Plymouth Congregational Church

Rocking or Rolling- How’s the Ride on Your Spiritual Journey?

  • Are you dizzy from spinning to keep all the irons in the fire? 
  • Falling on your face from moving too quickly?
  • Falling on your rear end from moving too slowly? 
  • Tipping from one side to the other from giving too much attention to some things and not enough to other things?

The spiritual journey touches every aspect of our lives. Our spiritual lives falls out of balance when we neglect even one key area.

Come learn the nine aspects making up the totality of your spiritual life.   You will be guided through a comprehensive self-exploration with the assistance of stories, Scripture, sharing with a partner, the practice of deep listening, silence and humor to gain new awareness and practical steps to restore your spiritual balance!

Speaker Jim Merhaut, (M.S.Ed., Duquesne University), A.C.C., is an award-winning author, a national speaker, ministry/business/organizational trainer and consultant, and a certified Coach. Jim has authored five books, co-authored four,  and has written extensively on relationship-building, family, faith formation, spirituality, leadership, and team-building.

Sponsored by Plymouth Church, UCC, Christian Education Board

Registration Fee of $20 includes workshop, continental breakfast and lunch. Early registration $15 through October 2. Scholarships available--contact Reverend Ruth Phillips, 423-9424, or rep@plymouthfw.org  

Name___________________________________________________________ Phone________________________________

Email__________________________________________________________  Paid $___________ Cash/Check



Jesus Seminar On the Road (JSOR)

A Progressive Jesus for Progressive Religion: October 28–29, 2016, Plymouth Congregational Church

The historical Jesus was a progressive teacher who raised important questions and sought fresh answers. Using rhetorical strategies such as parables and aphorisms that employ humor to undercut and undermine the powerful political structures of his day, Jesus envisioned an alternative way to look at the world, a so-called Domain of God. How might these same strategies enliven religion today?


Paul Jones (Ph.D., Vanderbilt) is Professor of Religion at Transylvania University. He has authored several books, including The Church’s Seven Deadly Secrets (2012) and The Structure of Religion: Judaism and Christianity with William J. Leffler (2005).

Perry Kea (Ph.D., University of Virginia) is Associate Professor of biblical studies at the University of Indianapolis, Indiana. A Fellow of the Jesus Seminar since 1987, he currently serves as Chair of the Westar Institute Board of Directors.

Program Details

The Teaching of the Historical Jesus, Friday evening, 7:30–9 pmIn contrast to older quests of the historical Jesus that focused on his psychology and acts, the renewed quest asked after Jesus’ voiceprint. What forms of rhetoric did he use? What was his unique way of teaching? Why and how does the use of counterintuitive metaphors and edgy social commentary keep the historical Jesus relevant for our time? (Perry Kea)

Silencing Jesus with Philosophy, Saturday, 9:30–10:30 am: There are several ways in which the voice of Jesus failed to become the voice of the Church. Rather than hear the parables of Jesus and think about his vision, the Church usually interpreted his parables as allegories and recast his vision onto a supernatural world. The main challenge today is to hear Jesus again for the first time. (Perry Kea)

Jesus in the Early MovementSaturday, 11 am – noon: The only access we have to the historical Jesus is through texts, both inside and outside the Bible. They show how Jesus’ message was shaped by the confluence of ancient religion and politics. They reveal how he was understood in emerging Christian communities. How does knowing that early frame of reference help us assess Jesus’ significance for today? (Paul Jones)

Silencing Jesus with Politics, Saturday, 1:30–2:30 pm: Constantine reached a settlement with the Church in 325 ce. In this bartered deal, the Roman Empire got our bodies and the Church got our souls. This disembodied and spiritualized Christianity persists in U.S. politics today. Would a progressive Jesus change a nation that leads the world in rates of incarceration and arms sales? If so, how? (Paul Jones)

Questions and Answers, Saturday, 3–4 pm : The scholars will discuss the importance of a progressive Jesus and engage in questions and answers.

SponsorsPlymouth Congregational Church of Fort Wayne and Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Wayne

Local Contact and Information David Grim, davidbradlee@yahoo.com

All events at:Plymouth Congregational Church of Fort Wayne, 501 W. Berry St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802


All Sessions: Individual Rate $75; Pre-registration Rate (October 14) $60; Additional Family Members $50

Single Sessions: Friday Evening Lecture $20; Saturday Morning Workshop $30; Saturday Afternoon Workshop $30

Refunds are available until two weeks before the event if requested in writing, minus a $10 administrative fee. No refunds will be given after that date.

To register, go to https://www.westarinstitute.org/upcoming-events-calendar/fortwayne-2016/


Reminder About Your Contribution Checks

Our bank, PNC, will no longer split the amount of a check into two deposits into our two separate checking accounts. If you write checks to Plymouth, it is important that you write a separate check for each purpose. For example, if you wish to contribute to your operating pledge and also to your capital campaign pledge, you will need two checks, each with a note in the memo line indicating where your contribution should go. This will ensure that you are contributing to the fund that you intend to support. Your patience and your attention to this accounting detail is greatly appreciated!


Plymouth Under Construction

  1. If you have respiratory or allergy issues, please be alerted that you may want to stay out of the office building until the project is completed.
  2. The temperature inside may be warmer or colder than usual at times in certain locations due to renovations to the HV/AC systems.
  3. Some days we may not have hot water or water at all in the building, and/or some restrooms may be closed.  Some other areas also will have limited or no access for a period of time.
  4. Extra workers are in the building throughout the project, along with tools, ladders, supplies, noise, dust, dirt, and odors.
  5. When scheduling events at Plymouth, please remember that, during the construction process, staff cannot guarantee the future condition of any room!
  6. The construction process is expected to be completed in mid October. 

A construction schedule is posted on the bulletin board outside the main office to give everyone an idea of what is happening and when.  Schedules may have to be modified and changed at times during a project such as this, so it may not be always be 100% accurate.  Please check with the church office if you have a meeting or activity scheduled to see if your reserved location will be affected by the construction.  You may possibly need to make alternative arrangements. Your patience and understanding for the minor inconveniences we will all experience during the duration of the project is something we are all counting on.  The end result will be a much more efficient and comfortable building for everyone.



All groups requesting to use a room in the Plymouth building MUST complete either a "One-Time Event" building use form, or a "Repeating Event" building use form BEFORE the date can be held on the church calendar AND the use of the requested room confirmed. (For a copy of the form needed, click on it above). Please remember that we cannot guarantee the condition of any room in the building until the construction is finished.

A returnable damage deposit of $125 also should be submitted with the form, and a custodial fee ($75 for outside groups/$50 for inside groups) also should be paid, when applicable. 

For a hard copy of the Building Use Policies, Room Fee Schedule, and/or Ceremony Fee Schedule, please call the office at (260) 423-9424.