Plymouth Church supports the following groups, in an on-going manner, throughout the year and in many ways:


Foods Resource Bank  

For the past nine years, members and friends of Plymouth have joined with the congregation of Salem Magley UCC to support the mission of Foods Resource Bank (FRB). The partnership continues in its eleventh year in 2015! Plymouth’s involvement in FRB was initiated by Doug and Gale Cunningham and has continued with your tremendous support!

Our yearly donation is designated for FRB to develop educational and training programs in communities around the world that we have selected. The goal is to enable the indigenous populations to become self-sufficient and self-sustaining. Uganda Tseo (4years), and Dominican Republic Bateyes (3 years), are our most recent designees.

Each of us can make a valuable contribution. We encourage you to complete the form click here and either place it in the collection plate on Sunday, or submit it to the church office. Your contribution--in any amount--is important and can help sustain a family for a lifetime, and a community for generations to come.

FRB Task Force Members: Gale Cunningham, Laura Rudolph, Carol Patterson, Rick and Peg Schilb.


Cedars Hope 

In 1993, Cedars HOPE, Inc. opened as an Innovative housing concept in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The concept was the result of a study conducted by a group of individuals concerned about the rising number of homeless women in Fort Wayne. Through their research they discovered that older women with a serious mental illness were over-represented in the homeless population and that they could benefit from supportive permanent housing. Cedars HOPE, Inc. continues as the only permanent housing program in our area serving homeless women with a serious mental illness. Our Mission: Cedars HOPE, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization serving homeless women living with serious mental illness by offering permanent:

Housing    *   Opportunities for growth and companionship   *   Personal support  *   Encouragement towards independence

Stable housing is the first step towards managing the debilitating symptoms of mental illness. In addition to ending episodes of homelessness for our residents and the associated cost to the community, their psychiatric emergencies are virtually eliminated. Cedars HOPE programs are the only of their kind in our community, providing the permanence and feeling of home so critically needed to maintain stability in the lives of those who are homeless and living with mental illness.

Cedars HOPE is dedicated to providing permanent living arrangements for women living with moderate to severe mental illness. Cedars HOPE helps to reduce the social and financial burden of the cycle of homelessness of one of the most vulnerable populations – single women with mental illness.


Rising Stars FWCS (Study Connection)

Begun in 2010, Rising Stars is providing tangible and educational support to students and their families with the mission of building a stronger, more progressive-thinking, caring community. With the help of Associated Churches’ staff, churches and organizations discover ways to be build a wide variety of relationships and support our public schools.


Just Neighbors Interfaith HOMELESS Network [formerly Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN)]

Just Neighbors IHN's mission is to serve homeless families by uniting faith community volunteers and local agencies in a cooperative effort to provide shelter, meals, and comprehensive, compassionate, and ongoing support. For more information, visit them at http://www.ihnfamily.org,  or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IHNFamily , or email them at: info@ihnfw.org. Click here for quarterly newsletter


Fort Wayne Pride

Fort Wayne Pride has a diverse audience with people of all ages, backgrounds, and sexualities. Thousands of people flock to Headwaters Park in July for the two day event. Over the years, Pride has grown from a festival with 100 in attendance to over 5,000. 


The Positive Resource Center (formerly Aids Task Force) of Northeast Indiana 

The mission of the Positive Resource Center in northeast Indiana is to help improve the quality of life for men, women, and children with HIV and AIDS, to educate the community in order to decrease the incidence of HIV and STD infection, and to increase public's understanding of and compassionate response to HIV and AIDS.


Wellspring Interfaith Social Services

People of faith working together to support and enrich the lives of Fort Wayne’s central city residents. In 2011, Wellspring directly impacted the lives of 3,396 individuals through its direct service programs, with its Food Bank and Clothing Bank.


Indiana Center for Middle East Peace

ICMEP has as its Mission: "to promote critical awareness of issues that impact a just peace in the Middle East and to facilitate intercultural and interreligious encounters locally and globally." They we host a variety of educational programs throughout the year, have a web site that lists resources for those who are interested in reading Middle East media and books about the Middle East and participate as a group and as individuals in opportunities for education and study throughout the area.


Bright Stars of Bethlehem

Founded in 2003 to promote and spread the word about the many outreach ministries of Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem to build hope and a brighter future for Palestine. BSB provides funding and support to local initiatives serving the educational, medical, professional and spiritual development needs of people living in Christ's birthplace.