Plymouth Church is grateful for all the members and friends who have contributed to help make all our services and events possible over the last one hundred and fifty years. From Boar's Head to youth fundraisers, Plymouth Music Series to scholarships - we thank you for making these things possible.

If you would like to contribute to Plymouth, you can do so by mailing a check to 501 W. Berry Street, Fort Wayne, IN, 46802. Please include a note on the memo line if you would like your contribution to be put towards a specific program.

Contributions can also be made online by clicking the button below!

The Evangelism and Marketing Board is excited to invite you to participate in our fundraiser through RIP Medical Debt!


As those who would follow the Jesus way, we are called to be the ones who bring good news to the poor, liberation to the oppressed, and the kingdom of God to earth as in heaven. It is in light of this call that the E&M Board requested
funds from the 2020 budget surplus to seed a fundraising campaign to eradicate the
burden of medical debt that crushes so many of our neighbors.

The campaign officially starts May 23 and will run through September 26. Every dollar you donate will be used to purchase one hundred dollars in medical debt $1 = $100!). Our fundraising goal is $20,000 – or $2,000,000 in medical debt relief – but if we end up raising more than that it will be a joy.

Donations to the fundraiser can be made at the link below.